We are more than a workshop community


Tailoring is done in the newly constructed YAZA studio/workshop located in the outskirts of Kathmandu. The studio is set amidst the sounds of temple bells, rickshaws, praying monks, and children playing in the nearby schoolyards. It is not uncommon for our craftspeople to take an afternoon break to be inspired by the spectacular views of the great Himalayan peaks, easily seen through the windows of our tailoring center. Our workshop is designed for efficiency while maintaining a community atmosphere. The team works with integrity to assure quality production and we are all committed to timely delivery of orders.

We are beyond just a supportive environment

YAZA employs locally, with tailors emanating from Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian cultures, representing Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim faiths. As demand has grown, we have shifted our focus to increasing capacity in our workshop, thus creating more jobs for the local community. Each garment purchased from YAZA has been tailored in a supportive environment with fair pay and healthy work conditions that empower and honor the lives of the tailors and their families. Collectivity, or mutual goodwill, is a defining and guiding principle. workshop02-300x200

We Are Not Just Green

We come from a tradition of environmental appreciation where reusing, recycling and re-adapting are everyday practices – not a fad. We have incorporated this common-sense, green way of life into our production system since our founding because it minimizes waste, reduces emissions and promotes sustainability. Our use of solar panels not only helps us embrace our custom of respecting the earth without exploitation but it also helps keep our lights on during the winter months when rolling blackouts in Kathmandu would otherwise jeopardize our production capabilities. We are proud of our environmental contributions and work hard to model our practices for the new generation of socially conscious consumers. With these beliefs at the core of our daily operations, we are able to minimize our carbon footprint and produce quality clothing that you can feel good and be guilt free about wearing.